Sassa brassa mandelmazza Knitting Daily Pattern

Ohoy Dear World,

Catching up with myself.

That is news 🙂 this IS news. Being a person that is almost always on the go, having quiet periods, and intense periods of nothing but WORK, y’know, the Holy Work, catching up isn’t all that bad.

Modular knitting small shells good for anything you want to knit


Revisiting, and thinking, this is useful, good and applicable to all the small bit n pieces that I have in my stash.

Not that I didn’t know that from before, it is just that sometimes ‘stuff’ as in Life, the Universe and Everything gets in the way.


Attended a corrosion prevention conference today and feel empowered. Yes, we are on the right stuff and doing well.


A lady who made me coffee asked me about my stay in Australia and my accent, and it was all good, she complimented me telling me that I am easy to understand and that I try. She felt very awkward if she didn’t understand and had to ask again.

I left clutching my double strength coffee and thinking that conversations on the strength of coffee unites the world.

Same with knitting and spinning.




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