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Tour de fleece 2016 (where spinners n knitters n crafters gather)

May 22, 2016

Hello World!

Was a busy week last week, but we did end up at our current favourite resturant Tony’s Tomatoes in Nth Adelaide on Friday. Ok, we love Ruby Red Flamingo, Beyond India, Paesano to name a few more, but the current fave has a  🍅 sign. Link  so I ended up having the Jenny Craig special, and Montepulciano as the wine of choice, from Italy.  Their Nero d’Avola is pretty good too. Dh nabbed a Tony 3 times, and our friend went with the Flying Anchovy! All yummy, tho’ my cheesy pizza was to me the best of all three. Think thin crispy pizzas!

No more resturant plans for today, it is Sunday so today’ll be mostly about cooking leasurely and happily lunch meals for next week. Still with oven baked garlic 😋 I am going to explore using hard boilt eggs instead of potato mash. Yes, I have a major gripe with the food at the canteen at work, it just keep getting worse. So, stopped complaining, and made our own instead. Perhaps make a broccoli, potato, curry and cheese bake as well. Though that has a tendency to not last long.


Food ….. and now Tour de Fleece! This is the crafter’s version of Tour de France, and what got me into watching cycling and spinning the Stash. Also a good excuse to focus on one thing. Only problem…for impatient ME, I would like to start….today, now. But it starts on 2nd of July.  Joining the FCK team this year. Too much on for captaining a team, also the time difference is huge! There will be bleary eyes for sure. So until then…it’ll be about knitting another shawl, perhaps picking up one of those projects that are stuck in midair…two cardis, one shawl to name the latest. Sigh. Distractions happen…..and these are the kind of projects that are like…want the end result, getting there….phew…not that exciting nor challenging. But biting the bullet has to happen, and one example is of course


Loved the end result, even though I can see only use it for a few days a year. Case in point!



Hoho, 17 Mai!

May 17, 2016

Hello everyone!

Bit of nostalgia here, itis the 17 th of May and Norway’s National day, celebrating when they became a nation in their own right.

Normally ..back in Sweden a day we would avoid it, because the Norwegians would be boisterous, loud, noisy, drunk and a nuisance. What a contrast to how the Swedish National Day is celebrated.

Now in Australia, and being a migrant, it is all different. Funny how migration and living abroad changes your perception.

So any temperature below +20 C is now cold, and drafts are evil. Moving into Autumn, it is now a time to breathe, relax, stay out in the Sun, fire up the heater, drink warming red wine, and make soups, stews, casseroles, Osso bucco, and put those good chile peppers to a good use. Pickeled Jalapenos, yum. Pesto, yum. Slow grilled whole garlic bulbs, yes, garlic is YUM.

New vintages are released, lovely wines from the local region.


And in celebration of all this, and this is potentially long overdue, I took one of my knitting patterns that I published on my blog more than ten years ago, and once on SIV, translated it into English, and published it on Ravelry. Enjoy!

Top Down Faroese shawl

Again, resurfacing…on Clare valley gourmet weekend

May 15, 2016

Hello world!

Swedish Ingrid in Oz is still around!

It has taken me a while to recover from losing my old blog, and reconciling that with the busy lives we lead now both professionally as well as privately. And, from a craft point of view, Ravelry is where I spend my time, and for a more professional take, then it is all about Linkedin.

Anyhow, feeling quite guilty about it all, I managed to publish my first pattern on Rav today, it is a top down Faroese shawl/cape pattern that can be customised for almost any yarn and any gauge. One of my faves, since you can use leftovers, thicker yarns, or a thin thin lace weight.

So what do we do nowadays that keep us so busy and non-communicado? Well, trips, outings, happenings, events in a new country.

For example this past weekend we attended Clare Valley Gourmet weekend here in South Australia. Sure…buses with happy boisterous and also inebriated younger celebrants was almost everywhere, but for us, it was all about meeting the vigneron at one of our favourite wineries in Clare. And…our fave in Clare is NOT a Riesling winemaker, and you would make a good guess if you did say Watervale as well,Clare Rieslings from Watervale are quite well known.

Nope, our fave is Elderedge. Lee, the wine maker, makes some of the best Shiraz we have ever tasted, and by now we have had a few ☺️ Gilt Edge Shiraz is his premium, and then there is the Blue Chip Shiraz, another wow and wonderful. Yes, the Gilt Edge will cost you a few dollars, but….and this is so rare, when you can taste the dollars, the Euros, the kronas..the EFFORT it takes to make a great Shiraz. Not entirely sure I can taste the range of Grange…but that is another matter.

Anyhow, when we rocked up to the tasting, it was a bit surprising. Only five of us, and it was windy and a wee bit cold. A vertical tasting can be fun, this is when the winemaker gets to tell about his/her passion, and how wines depend on the vintage, the different circumstances, how theunderstanding develops and how it is received.

Quite surprised, but we started with Riesling. Not a fan of the citrusy crispy dry tones of how Clare risling generally is made but you can’t fault how they age, and we dis get to taste old Rieslings in the vetical tatsng.  We had a brief discussion on Pinot Gris, and he surprised me with one of the tastiest Pinot  gris I have ever had in Australia. Yep, fabulous.

Then we moved onto Sangiovese. Now….this is a funny wine, it is sort of an inbetween grape since in SA and also in the rest of Oz, Shiraz is loved, worshipped and pretty much THE grape/wine, and I was floored to see that Eldredge’s Sangiovese regularly clocks in at 15 percent. Both smooth and rough, and flavourful and very much like an Amarone at times, especially as we went back in time to taste the older vintages.

Thats IS one of the best things about a vertical is like Time Travel. Prevalent through it all…..the wonderful Australian sun, and sweetness of grapes. When it comes to a Shiraz,  we generally refer to this as the ‘Barossa Shout’, the jubilant notes of fruit, sun, Australia, the Red Earth with acidity and fruit flavour. Don’t get that in European wines in the same way.

And I haven’t experienced Sangiovese in this way….at all. Blown away! Sometimes with the ‘kiss’ of Cabernet Savignon 😆

Next vertical tasting focussed on Malbec. Here I sort of went into a freeze. We love our Malbecs but hey, South America makes lovely Malbecs and whilst you can find some in South Australia, it doesn’t come with the complex richness of South Amerca, remember that it should be able to carry a whole Brazilian/Argentinian Barbecue. For Australia, the sun is as usual a hindrance, it gives the wine a Barossa Shout that is unmistakable but sort of incomparable with the way the grape can taste.  And Bleasdale in Langhorne Creek makes a nice Malbec, and whilst on Langhorne creek, the blend called Tamblyn by Bremerton is fantastic, however,the best Malbec that we have met so far comes from Jacques Lurton on Kangaroo Island, The Islander Estate vineyards on Kangaroo Island

Lee at Eldredge makes a lovely Malbec to wow any Australian Shiraz lover. It is not a South American Malbec, nor a French style one, but a nice wine on its own, that quite carries its own when it comes to a head to head comparison with a South Australian Shiraz.

And that was our short but intense visit to the Clare Valley Gourmet weekend.

Eldredge Wines