Hoho, 17 Mai!

Hello everyone!

Bit of nostalgia here, itis the 17 th of May and Norway’s National day, celebrating when they became a nation in their own right.

Normally ..back in Sweden a day we would avoid it, because the Norwegians would be boisterous, loud, noisy, drunk and a nuisance. What a contrast to how the Swedish National Day is celebrated.

Now in Australia, and being a migrant, it is all different. Funny how migration and living abroad changes your perception.

So any temperature below +20 C is now cold, and drafts are evil. Moving into Autumn, it is now a time to breathe, relax, stay out in the Sun, fire up the heater, drink warming red wine, and make soups, stews, casseroles, Osso bucco, and put those good chile peppers to a good use. Pickeled Jalapenos, yum. Pesto, yum. Slow grilled whole garlic bulbs, yes, garlic is YUM.

New vintages are released, lovely wines from the local region.


And in celebration of all this, and this is potentially long overdue, I took one of my knitting patterns that I published on my blog more than ten years ago, and once on SIV, translated it into English, and published it on Ravelry. Enjoy!

Top Down Faroese shawl


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