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More photos from SC Pannell

June 22, 2016

SC Pannell Day of the Dead End

June 22, 2016


Hello World,

Somehow another week slipped through my fingers. Anyhow….we went and enjoyed the Sea and Vines weekend down in McLaren Vale and our visit to a winery called SC Pannell.

We have been there before, they have fabulously good wine and a nice restaurant too. A windy veranda, but we needn’t have worried, the weather gods were on our side and most of the event indoors anyways.


We arrived half an hour early because traffic and South Road and Sea and Vines…you’ll never know. So we lounged about their veranda admiring the view and the plants and the plant arrangement, and yes, I wore my new sweater!

Loved the fire!

The event at SC Pannell was Called Day of the Dead End with a new vintage release of their Tempranillo, so naturally most came dressed up as you would on the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’. Here are some stunning photos of the winemaker and his partner plus the entertainment, and yes, face painting!!

We enjoyed the wine, the entertainment, the music and the food. All in all, a lovely day and lots of fun.

Can’t wait for next year!!!






Food and wine weekend

June 5, 2016

Hello World!


It was a busy weekend. First of all, Dh had a birthday on Saturday, so I decided to make him a cake. I know, I know, quite a few loving wives do that, or they buy ir Dhs something nice. I like to imagine myself to be a discerning foodie with opinions, but…however…yes. I can bake sour dough bread that is good, but cake, cookies and especially for important holidays, ouch!

But this year, I braved my fears and made him Nigella’s Nutella cake. I don’t like Nutella, being a dedicted chocolate fan who hates sickly sweet treats, but this seemed to tick most of my boxes. Of course, it had to be made with Lindt chocolate, and I love my chocolate with rum, so it became a version of the original recipe, and a very nice version too. Discovered that one of the Lindt chocolates that I bought was in fact Intense Mint instead of the 70%, and I just hate the mint so….it all came together ( hate or not) and was..fantastic. Can’t taste the Nutella, it is just wonderful. Used local Jersey Double cream, and there was bliss. I offered to take the leftovers with me to work, and Dh got a very proprietary look in his eyes. Ok, guess not. The Intense Mint was just the ticket with the rum. Oh well. Life usually loves to dish out those is like…express a strong opinon on something and Life will make you change your stance.

No added sugar.


So, we also went away for the weekend, ducked out of the hustle and bustle on Friday, and went to Currency Creek, south of Adelaide, I think of it as being wedged inbetween Langhorne Creek and McLaren Vale. Yes, it is about wine! In reality, Currency Creek is not far from Lake Alexandrina. We stayed at One Paddock it is a winery, and a good getaway spot, and DH wanted to try out his new fab lens and some astrophotography, and I had a hankering for a fibery weekend in peace and quiet.

Well….we ended up eating cake, and visiting two of our fave wineries, Rusticana and Bremerton.

Rusticana….a wonderful winery with the for South Australia unusual grapes Durif and Zinfandel. Dh had sort of hoped to pick up a sparkling Durif on his birthday, but it turns out the vintage was sold out and the new not ready yet. Let’s be honest here, we both aren’t too fond of that speciality you will find in Australia, ie sparkling Shiraz. Often using grapes of lesser quality and heavily flavoured with a fortified wine, a sparkling Shiraz can be a wonderful but deceptive mouthful, with a deadly hangover. And it can make you tipsy….quickly. One wonderful place for sparkling Shiraz that is recommended is Primo Estate in McLaren Vale, but one glass, no more. Now Durif, sparkling, is wonderful for us who stay away from sparkling Shiraz. Yes, even sparklign Shiraz haters can find something to love with the Durif.

All those words, and what we found was a beautiful new vintage of Durif and Zinfandel, 2012, both. Better than our memory of 2010, and so mellow, round and flavourful. Of course,% close to 16.5, it is like no other wine, Grenache may at time be like this….and this is how Rusticana makes their wines. Just wonderful. But no sparkling Durif, yet. To be bottled.

We inquired about the museum wine weekend and were told it may be at the beginning of August this year. Some fond memories of last year, so we will be keeping our eyes peeled! Musem wine tasting at Rusticana is special, and overwhelming, the wines are so good and powerful and in a league of their own.

And yes, beautiful dips and horseradish condiments can be had there as well. Beautiful view and a fab garden. If visting Langhorne Creek, and you had to pick just one winery to visit, this would be the one. Always!

Our trip went on to Bremerton another beautiful winery in Langhorne Creek. Tamblyn is perhaps the one I like the most of their wines, and the Malbec a close second, and alas, some of the Batonnage range was sold out. Had a lovely pizza lunch, and left, feeling very full and happy. Can really recommend Bremerton, their wines and souvenir side is outstanding. And when we went to their wine tasting during the museum weekend, we were so blown away by their older wines.

After those two wineries, it was time to return back to One Paddock in Currency Creek, and to do some wine tasting there as well. We did have Lake Breeze on our wish list but some other time.

Read more about what Tim & Rachel has done to upgrade One Paddock and turn it into a memorable  place to vist, and why you should pay them a visit, the place is truly spectacular, and secluded, whilst close to everything from Victor Harbour to Langhorne creek and McLaren Vale. We ended up doing a tasting, and settled down in front of a friendly fire with a glass each of their Moscato, despite being only about four years old, had a nice aroma reminiscent of roses. It goes truly well with their cheese platter.

Sunday became a rainy misty and cold ( brr) day, so we returned to Adelaide to hunker down.

Cooking Puy/French lentils and finding out ( online) about Canada’s status as one of the world’s largest lentil growers and exporters. Yes, the taste of these lentils beats  anything I have ever had before, and what can I say…there is more to lentils than one would imagine, and this was from our local Foodland, clearly labelled Canada.

Our lunch boxes next week will be about slow cooked beef cheeks, leftovers from Osso bucco, home made stock, and cooked French lentils with Roma tomatoes and corinder leaf.


Next weekend……Sea and vines S C Pannell Day of the Dead End