Various eateries in North Adelaide

Greetings Dear People,


Hot humid Mad busy March. Nevertheless, we have been visiting a couple of restaurants. Despite living in a restaurant hot spot, we visited the Curious Squire in Nth Adelaide for the first time today.

Let me explain….we have walked past many times, and it is in a shady windy part of O’Connell street, so it was on a hot muggy day like today we felt like taking the plunge.

I had the Buffalo Wings with shoestring fries, Dh had the American pork ribs. Seeing an impressive American smoker on the premises, we had high expectations.

The wings were served with a special variety of Ranch dressing. And I loved them, they        were almost as good as the Buffalo wings and Blue Cheese Dressing at the Lobethal Bierhaus. But the American ribs”…….disappointing. LEt me put it this way, we have been to the US and especially Colorado where they take these kind of things seriously and no. Acceptable only, do not quite melt with tenderness, and please dear people at Curious Squire. membranes must be removed BEFORE grilling. Do not leave membranes on bones please.

Beer.. we had an APA, and then an IPA. Both ok, but not fabulous and too much taste of Brown Boring Beer for me. So, overall, ok, but not outstanding. Lobethal Bierhaus ticks the boxes of good local micro brewery, with good Buffalo wings/food, and nothing much in the way of Boring Brown.

To top it of at the Curious Squire, there was a magpie. Antagonised the boxes with napkins aggressively tryng to attack its reflection, and then it tried to mate with the stacked cutlery on each table, several times, climbing all over the stacked cutlery on the adjacent tables, several times, over and over. Enough to make you wipe down your cutlery several times before eating, and then wonder over the next guests and the hygiene. And when eating messy finger foods, a bowl 🍚 of water or sanitising serviettes are always appreciated and so are toothpicks. None of this was offered or present.


So….dinner…we made it to Jolley’s Boathouse. Wonderful food, nice staff, patient staff. They let us try a multitude of wines before we found a good one. Brr..not all can be blamed on a mere difference in opinion!

We had six entrees, no mains. All lovely, except for the pork belly. Intensely sweet (sugar) with various greens and Kim chee, and we were told that this is Korean food, hrm…..I saw lately that one ☝️ in five in Asia are in risk of or has diabetes, so small wonder. Disregard the pork belly and the Vietnamese Corander that tastes like. Burdock on steroids, the rest was lovely. Would go back in a heartbeat. Tomic Hill Chardonnay was lovely. We were told it was ‘oldstyle’ Chardonnay. I excersised a bit of my opinionated self and said that the socalled modern Chardonnays, which are as tongue curdling sour as a Clare valley Riesling, and contained almost as much oak as a peaty whiskey, and with no smoothness at all,well. are plain awful. And if that is called a modern Chardonnay, Rebecca Willson at Bremerton winery in Langhorne creek makes a lovely modern CHardonnay, without all that sour acid nonsense.  And Taylor’s St Andrews is superior, hands down.

Ok, think we made our point. Time for the rest of the weekend!


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