A little drive in McLaren Vale

After yesterday’s wonderful explorations, it was decided this morning to go to Central Market to look for mussels. Yesterday’s Goolwa pipi dish at Jolley’s Boathouse made us yearn for a repeat, so this morning we picked up….not Goolwa pipis, but Vongole instead. Let’s see how that cooks up.

As it was still early, we went for a drive to Willunga, the Saturday morning market is just so fabulous. Picked up some lovely herbs, a large bottle of olive oil, didn’t see any chilepeppers alas. Anyhow, when in McLaren Vale, why not do some wine tasting.

Went for lunch at SC Pannell, and tasted their new 2016 release of  Grenache, Shiraz and Touriga. Fabulous food, we had the lamb ragu ravioli, the triple cooked chips that were yummy as anything crisp and soft on the inside, and we enjoyed the view from the patio, looking down at the vines. Very damp and muggy day though, lots of grey clouds. The wine is young but oh so promising, and I can taste a bit of marzipan. Love wines with that bitter almond marzipan taste. And berries too. Yum. Going to hide it for a bit until it settles down. Tasted their Dead End Tempranillo, it has settled down and matured a bit since we were there for their Day of the Dead release party.

2016 New Release SC Pannell

Feeling happy and a bit warm, we headed down the road and stopped at a winery we have never been to before. Alphabox and Dice

They make wine by the alphabet ♥️ and they had some lovelies for tasting. Their Prosecco is just wonderful, their Grenache terrific, reminds me so much of the Grenache Whistler in the Barossa used to make before rebranding a couple of years ago when the younger generation took over. This Grenache tastes of PINE, just love it. Four bottles 😃 came home with us, the wine is called Tarot. New Grenache fave, spot on. Very like a Pinot noir…a good Pinot, without the mushy sweetness that can sometimes take over here in SA. Strongly recommended. Don’t expect that Grenache to last long in our house.

We were really impressed by their Barbera, quite possibly one of the best SA Barbera we have found so far. Goes by the name of Enigma. Smooth, lovely. Yes, the collection at home was just enhanced, why do you ask?

Tasted the Xola as well, grape called Aglianico, also new, apparently originally from Greece. That wine…mm…special. Starts out velvety smooth and then, lots of tannins and tobacco. Dualfaced indeed. Interesting. Not your usual run of the mill.

Then, tne day just got hotter and muggier so we headed home and turned the air con on. Phew!


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