Sunday afternoon pesto baked salmon tweaked recipe

Hooray for long weekends!

We have now come to Sunday, and F1 in Melbourne, listening with half an ear, getting a bit aggravated with one of the commentators on channel TEN who insists pronouncing Sebastian Vettel’s last name as if he was French. News, he is not…it is pronounced with an ‘f’ and no emphasis on the latter part.

We bought some ‘salmon tail ends’ from Samtass, and decided we would give the following recipe a try Salmon recipe in Swedish with a couple of tweaks, here is the amended recipe:

Four salmon tail ends ( 400 grammes), Praise mayonnaise from Foodland ( with whole egg and olive oil), Woolies shredded mozarella in a bag (because I didn’t have 50 grammes of parmesan at home), Bulla creme fraiche. Original recipe calls for mayo or creme fraiche, we ended up using a little less than two cups in total of 50-50 may and creme fraiche. 2 table spoons of pesto (green). Here I happily used my own.

My pesto recipe;

One bunch of flat leaved parsley, and roughly the same amount Cavolo Nero (Black kale), a handful of assorted nuts (from a. nut mix, mostly walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and macadamia). One small whole garlic, two heaped table spoons of marinated sun dried tomato strips (easier to mix), extra virgin olive oil (Cornucopia Farming in Barossa ), and the wonderful pink salt fromMurray River salt . Roasted two red capsicums, and added in a container, mixed it to perfection, sterilised two glass jars in the oven, saved the leftovers for the salmon recipe.

I like my pestos to be dry, and then add some olive oil on top to seal, in a cold fridge they can last me a month. Pesto mixed with mashed potatoes is yum too!


Place the salmon tails in a greased oven proof pan, skin down. Salt and pepper to taste. I used some more of that olive oil for greasing btw. Add the mayo-creme fraiche-pesto-mozarella mix on top, and then set the oven for 180-200 degrees, bake/grill until fish is cooked and cheese is browned. Serve with wilted spinach, or steamed broccoli, a fresh green salat.

Next time…our own home cooked chilisaucd instead of pesto. Must be another hit.


Serve with a crisp white wine such as a Savignon blanc. We enjoyed it with some sparkly, Cremant de Bourgogne. The Chardonnay grapes gives just the right combination to offset the cheese and the pesto.


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