Tonnato tomato..ehhh..what? Tuna fish sauce goodness that goes with everything.

This is so much fun, I just had to share.

Being a mostly (on a day to day basis) non-native English speaker nowadays can be fun.

At lunch I frequent a small an interesting crowd, and we frequently talk about food and cooking.

We have been frequenting a local Italian restuarant called Red Ruby Flamingo enjoying their Manzo tonnato. Simple, delicious, fantastic, thinly sliced scotch fillet in a tuna fish sauce. That sauce….oh yum. So I tried to share, tell the dear lunch crowd about my findings, even brought a nice bowl of it to share. Well, turns out that tonnato can be misheard as toMato, and since the sauce itself is greyish, well, it is fun contradictory and gave our lunch crowd a good laugh.

So, recipe..I like it to be tart n lemony, so,

Juice of at least one lemon.

SA capers in salt, try Central Market ( I am in Adelaide, so we go there a lot), one tablespoon(scrape off salt) more if you like.

Anchovies fillets the kind in a small glass jar ( 5, don’t use the sunflower oil). If you use more the sauce will taste of anchovies and be very salty which….under certain circumstances is very good. This jar could be good for three batches.

Mayonnaise, make your own or buy good quality, no soy, corn etc oil.  100 ml or half a cup.

Two small cans of tuna, chunks. 95 grammes in each can.

Virgn olive oil, 50 ml or half a cup.

Mix and blitz.

Add salt if needed, I never needed extra given the salty capers and anchovies.


Eat enjoy, love…as a dip sauce for chips

As a sauce for grilled salmon

With thinly sliced scotch fillet

With chunks of bread because you can

Grilled calamari

Any grilled fish really.

With sufficient lemon juice, keeps at least a week, but it won’t last that long.







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