Having that sip…wine from SA

Hey it is April and almost daylight savings time, (which is Sunday) !


But….there is nothing like having sips, or gulps, or even a larger schluuuuurp of the wines at home. Especially recent purchases!


Alphabox & Dice.

Wonderful tasting in McLaren Vale. But as with any winery, wouldn’t you be annoyed if the wine you tasted, the wine you bought and then tasted at home, were …….DIFFERENT? Vasty different? Yes, light years!

That beautiful Grenache, called Tarot. Well, we bought four bottles, and as you are a proper winery..sorry serious cellar door,  selling your merchandise, you want the tasting to align with what your customers buy from your cellar door. Spritz????

Sorry Alphabox and Dice, your Grenache called Tarot does not match the taste/tasting offered at your cellar door. Spritz. This says Wild Yeast to me….and I like Wild Yeast ……..BUT…..it is then YOUNG, InSTABLE, and….therefore inconsistent.

WTF? Not what I want in a wine that I paid AUD 30 or thereabouts. Geez!

Nice @cellardoor, inconsistent@purchase.

After this, we opened an Eldridge Malbec 2014. All that you want in a wine. Lee told me onceuponatime that this was often mistaken for a Shiraz, and I can easily see why. No spritz, just good taste. Anything you want in a good consistent full bodied wine, with High Quality, and nice Taste,  even if you are a Shiraz lover. Just do it…OK. 😍 Eldredge


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