Found vestiges of my old blog …link

Rssing found old blog


Hello again,

Oh gosh it felt weird to read all of that. We have come far since transplanting ourselves. And, it is ok, we are fine, enjoying ourselves here in Adelaide, one day at the time.

Tomorrow, there are plans…..Swedish tax, soap making, and cooking….I am thinking of doing a version of potato skins  and..hmm….fell upon this version of a Swedish dish Cabbage and mince instead of rolls, make it layers. Hmm. Wonder if I have enough home made stock. If not, there is the odd bag of kassler chop bones saved in the freezer plus one oxtail. Plus stock veggies, it is indeed the time of the year that celery root or celeriac makes its appearance again. Wonderful in stocks n gratins. So plenty of options for tomorrow’s cooking. See you then.


2 Responses to “Found vestiges of my old blog …link”

  1. Vigdis Says:

    Hei Ingrid. Vi møttes i Tinn hos Ingrid og jeg har fulgt deg i mange år. I dag lager jeg flytende såpe. Vi skal ha utstilling med malerier, keramikk og håndarbeider her. Lengter dere ikke hjem? Ser jo at dere har det fantastisk. Stor klem Vigdis

    • Swedishingrid in Australia Says:

      Halloj Vigdis, kul att hora av Dig! Kul att hora att allt ar val. Numera blir det mest fast HP som lagas till. Hjem ar dar vi bor, blir kanske en Europa resa 2018, det ar otrolig lang och dyr flygresa tyvarr. Bamse klem tebax!

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