River; Stellan you rock!


Must say that it was a serendipitous accident, but we managed to watch the first episode of River with Stellan Skarsgard today. Wow, that was good.


Seeing dead people is a concept that has been used again and again since a certain movie by Mr Night (Shyamalan), and the chilling whisper…I see dead people, will probably haunt me forever because it was so creepy, so well timed and then so unexpected. Quote by Haley Joel Osment in the movie Sixth Sense (but you knew that).

The dead people in Riverare more like manifests, and…what a quote by River:

I believe that all murderers are punished eventually, unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.

A quick web search says quote comes from Henry Fielding and his book Amelia, 1751. Just blew my mind! Can’t wait to see the next episode.

In other news, it is cold, leaves are turning, grey, rainy, and a bit dismal. And if they ever decide to film more Wallander, Stellan would make a superb Wallander, sorry Kenneth!

Our Japanese gas heater has been dusted off, new gas purchased, and I have been eyeing cowl patterns on Ravelry.  Need to find my Knitting mojo!

On wine…pretty quiet except we got a very nice offer from Rich Burge since we subscribe to his newsletter, his Iberian from 2009 for approx 10 a bottle. Nice light lingering flavour Mediterranean style of wine.  It is a blend with Grenache and Monastrell, Touriga and Souzao. Highly rcommended! Not that we are lacking in any way, but it is too nice an offer to pass up. Goes with almost anything Italian, is NOT a Barossa shout large flavoursome wine, but very nice in its own right. I like Rich Burge’s wines very much, and he is one of the few remaining small independant family growers and winemakers. Let’s support them!

And if anyone ever wondered what happened to photos, a new camera has been purchased and a lot of older cameras are now with new owners. Let us say there is a backlog 😎


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