Those chairs!

Anus chairs  

Retro…cool?!? And they are everywhere…and in a multitude of colours. To brighten anyone’s patio. And there was a herd of them in Canberra at our hotel and associated restaurants. No wintry tree leaves to be seen resting on the furniture.


In other news, it is COLD in Adelaide. Winter…almost freezing this morning. I wore my Enchanted Mesa no 2 and my shawl Shetland adventures and a wrap on top. Stayed warm!

Work is very busy, so very little energy left for crafts. But yet again this year, Bendigo sheep and wool will get a visit from us even though I still haven’t used up previous year’s purchases. Hoping to find some more Tirchonaill http://www.spinningyarnweaving now that I have seen that it is virtually identical to,Debbie Bliss ‘Fine Donegal’ but at a better price.Minus the cashmere but that was always in doubt anyways for anyone who follows the news.


In other news…I caved and bought an Apple Smartphone. Most expensive phone ever for me but I have given up hope that the Ipad, my given choice will ever get a ‘phone’ or similar capability. It may change things….possibly. Moneywise..sure. Not getting Facebook, brr..


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