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Those chairs!

June 7, 2017

Anus chairs  

Retro…cool?!? And they are everywhere…and in a multitude of colours. To brighten anyone’s patio. And there was a herd of them in Canberra at our hotel and associated restaurants. No wintry tree leaves to be seen resting on the furniture.


In other news, it is COLD in Adelaide. Winter…almost freezing this morning. I wore my Enchanted Mesa no 2 and my shawl Shetland adventures and a wrap on top. Stayed warm!

Work is very busy, so very little energy left for crafts. But yet again this year, Bendigo sheep and wool will get a visit from us even though I still haven’t used up previous year’s purchases. Hoping to find some more Tirchonaill http://www.spinningyarnweaving now that I have seen that it is virtually identical to,Debbie Bliss ‘Fine Donegal’ but at a better price.Minus the cashmere but that was always in doubt anyways for anyone who follows the news.


In other news…I caved and bought an Apple Smartphone. Most expensive phone ever for me but I have given up hope that the Ipad, my given choice will ever get a ‘phone’ or similar capability. It may change things….possibly. Moneywise..sure. Not getting Facebook, brr..


Tour de fleece 2016 (where spinners n knitters n crafters gather)

May 22, 2016

Hello World!

Was a busy week last week, but we did end up at our current favourite resturant Tony’s Tomatoes in Nth Adelaide on Friday. Ok, we love Ruby Red Flamingo, Beyond India, Paesano to name a few more, but the current fave has a  🍅 sign. Link  so I ended up having the Jenny Craig special, and Montepulciano as the wine of choice, from Italy.  Their Nero d’Avola is pretty good too. Dh nabbed a Tony 3 times, and our friend went with the Flying Anchovy! All yummy, tho’ my cheesy pizza was to me the best of all three. Think thin crispy pizzas!

No more resturant plans for today, it is Sunday so today’ll be mostly about cooking leasurely and happily lunch meals for next week. Still with oven baked garlic 😋 I am going to explore using hard boilt eggs instead of potato mash. Yes, I have a major gripe with the food at the canteen at work, it just keep getting worse. So, stopped complaining, and made our own instead. Perhaps make a broccoli, potato, curry and cheese bake as well. Though that has a tendency to not last long.


Food ….. and now Tour de Fleece! This is the crafter’s version of Tour de France, and what got me into watching cycling and spinning the Stash. Also a good excuse to focus on one thing. Only problem…for impatient ME, I would like to start….today, now. But it starts on 2nd of July.  Joining the FCK team this year. Too much on for captaining a team, also the time difference is huge! There will be bleary eyes for sure. So until then…it’ll be about knitting another shawl, perhaps picking up one of those projects that are stuck in midair…two cardis, one shawl to name the latest. Sigh. Distractions happen…..and these are the kind of projects that are like…want the end result, getting there….phew…not that exciting nor challenging. But biting the bullet has to happen, and one example is of course


Loved the end result, even though I can see only use it for a few days a year. Case in point!