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Easter…was good!

April 18, 2017

Belated Easter Greetings from Adelaide!


Well um, why bother with belated greetings you may ask, and quite rightly so. But the past weekend was spent touring wineries in Coonawarra and associated wine districts. I have in the past been quite lazy and said Coonawarra about a lot of wineries, but browsing through the latest brochure, I discovered that there are now indeed no less than SIX wine regions: Wrattonbully, Coonawarra, Padthaway, Mount Benson, Mount Gambier, and Robe. Maps and brochures

Coonawarra was our target, and we stayed in Penola Wonderful scenic town and has a lot of history.

Wineries….so depending on which way you drive when you arrive in Coonawarra, it is nearly always the first or the last winery; Kidmans. Sid was there looking after the cellar door, and as usual, lots of talk about the weather, irrigation, and the latest vintage. We quite like his Riesling, fair warning if you are a Watervale Riesling fan, this is NOT the crisp tongue curdling acidic gum cleansing Riesling, in fact it is more Mosel, flinty, whilst not being in the last sweet or flirtatious. Some 2016, and some of course, his 2014 Cabernet Savignon, for us it embodies Coonawarra.

Then, a trip to a small and lovely personal winery. Bowen Estate.

Their Chardonnay I absolutely adore, well balanced, golden, flavourful not the kind you feel you need to take a towel to your tongue after drinking 😁but the absolute find is their latest release, the 2015 Shiraz. It has the makings of a Grandiose Wine, a wine that will make people gasp and say…this was the best I have ever tasted. Yes, a 2015, and I am sure it will evolve over the years if cellared. It is fantastic now btw. No Barossa Big Red Shout that can leave you feel a bit overwhelmed, but flavourful, elegant, rich with all the trademarks you associate with Coonawarra. Oh and Bowen has a charity used book case, some beauties for 3 bucks. If you have eyes for anything but their beautiful wines. Don’t be deceived, they have four wines on offer, but a lot of wineries with triple that on offer would kill for that quality. A large box of assorted goodies came home with us, plus two books on Native Flora, I need to read up on my plants!

Reeling with happiness, we moved on. and went to diGiorgio Family winery.

Lots of fun stuff here, and I love that they put bubbles in everything, well almost everything. Their Emporio blend is as good as always, we got some of their unoaked Chardonnay to try, must say that the oaked one was pretty good and had hints of Allspice, but back home, they are often not as nice as the memory, so unoaked it was. We were planning to buy a couple of bottles of Frank white aince it is such an easy an nice one, but nah….Chardonnay it was.

Their 2013 Lucindale Shiraz also cme home for trying. Not at all your typical Coonawarra/Limestone coast Shiraz with tannins and a lot of roar (which can be dark chocolate or nicotine, or something brown and musty depending on your taste buds). So, all the things that Shiraz is not, what was it then? Well, may sound strange, but it was fantastic with fennel tasting Sopressa salami, cultured butter, and a large slab of mild South Australian Brie. Match made in heaven and I usually love my Bries to be a wee bit more French than this. Hint of cherry, bitter almonds, and smooth well balanced and not too ostentatious.  The lady at the cellar door said this is the type she loves and without the chalk, the shout and the roar. I got it 😍


Two more wineries…but that is for another blog post. Dinner time! Curry time, and yum.