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Easter ahead and Coonawarra

April 9, 2017

It is April, and Easter is almost upon us. Work has been insane, so we went looking today online to see if there was anything left anywhere; we passed on booking the last available accomodation at Arkaroola, mainly because it is all about getting there, planning and enjoying (sigh, some other time) and it is a project on its own and not so much about food and wine,  and Robe was booked out, Mt Gambier too, the Barn (le sigh), so we snagged one of the last accomodations in Penola. This is going to be a first for us staying @Penola. So Coonawarra here we come, Easter, yay!

Divine Cafe holds some nice brekkie memories, and Penola is a nice spot. Hollick upstairs is a nice restuarant, and we shall see if there are more discoveries to be had.  As to wineries..ohh…tough one.

We just received our wine box from Tscharke wines in the Barossa, and are sampling and exploring. More to come, but I can say with the reds, it has taken on a new direction. Very much more European if I may say so. Interesting.